Dashboard Priorities provides hands-on digital organizing & time management support for peace of mind.

  • Get Organized & Keep It That Way

    Keeping photos, files and data accessible and shareable can be easy with the right approach.

  • Manage Your Time More Intentionally

    Grab the reins of your life with tailored tools and processes that streamline your task list and your day.

  • Fine-tune Your Focus

    Use technology wisely so you can clear your mind and your schedule to focus on what matters most.


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Comprehensive workspace sanity saver

A Tune-up involves digital decluttering and support for going paperless – so you can better manage data on your desktop, in your office and on the go.

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Quick relief when you're overwhelmed

With a Jumpstart, we'll target your biggest time and tech pain points with customized, simple solutions. The result? A happier, more efficient you.

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Technology should work for you, not against you.

The System Setup includes expert project management, setup and integration, calendar configuration and automated processes eliminate the speedbumps that are slowing you down.

* specializing in Apple and Google products


When you're in love with technology and efficiency, you know somebody's always working on a better way to get things done.

When you're passionate about helping people, self-care and balanced living, you realize that person is you.

That's what Dashboard Priorities is all about. I help clients slay their biggest dragons – whether they be overwhelm, disorganization, lack of time, or any combination that plagues them.

Dashboard Priorities leverages lessons from my experience in public relations, nonprofit development, content strategy, and a lifetime of geeking out over technology.

Who wants to spend hours researching and testing multiple applications, electronics, and workflows? Well, I do. How do you know which technology tools and processes are right for you, right now? That's my job. Tell me your frustrations and concerns, and I'll deliver the methods and tools that fit you best for faster, sustainable results.


I’ve got organization, communication, and a deep love of technology and community running through my blood. (Seriously - my parents were postal employees, and my dad was a computer technician.)

I’m passionate about digital curation, community empowerment, and exploring the meaning of freedom. I believe in the “Less is More” school of thought, and I value good food, health management, and honest conversations above most things.

Over a dynamic career, I’ve served as a publicist, project manager, and right-hand woman for freelancers, faculty members, and managers in the education, nonprofit, and communication sectors. When I’m not working, I’m combing content for the latest in health tips, life hacks, and workflow solutions.

Simplify your life and work. SIMPLIFY with technology.

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